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1st floor
2nd floor
R - Lampang

. . . + R – Lampang + . . . A peaceful, Boutique guesthouse in HIP style. Welcome you with our 9 different style rooms with full accommodation : car park, air condition, telephone, Cable TV, refrigerator, warm water and free Wi-Fi.

R – Lampang is addressed near the cultural place and addressed in the route of horse-drawn carriages. We proposed you a chance to absorb an original Lampang lifestyle in Kaad Kong-ta village, and you can rent the bicycle for travel around R-Lampang Home.

Fulfilled your request with tasty food and drink, and easy listening music style.
Open daily . . . 7.30 am to 10.00 pm everyday.

1. Muang la khorn 2. Wiang din
3. Wiang muang 4. Khe lang
5. Kham khe lang 6. Kut ta na khorn
7. Sri na khorn 8. Lum pa na khorn
9. R-Lampang
10. Wang wiang 11. Khiang wang
12. Lampang (for 3 persons)
13.-14.Balcony Home (connecting room)
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